Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I had a very interesting and productive trip recently to Saskatchewan and had the opportunity to hear the deputy Minister of Health , Dan Florizone speak about their "Patient First Review " program.  He focussed on the difficulties of running the health system and the specifics to wait times within the system.  He made a humorous analogy to opening three restaurants (the only three in town) and waiting in line to get a table.  It really was an effective way to demonstrate the complexities and issues with wait times.  He cited lack of communication and respect as a major barrier and an abundance of administrative duties as some key areas. They recognize that it is the Patient that actually experiences the full process from beginning to end and they are trying to learn from this.  Fixing one area which may cause disruption in another is not the answer.  They are still struggling to make changes but certainly they appear to be seeking answers. 

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